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Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding a baby may be “instinctual and natural” for some, it very likely may not be for many.

I got my start in the birth industry as a professional breastfeeding counselor 19 years ago.  As I began providing breastfeeding help to families, I saw just how unique each family’s goals and experiences were.  I learned quickly that there was far more than one way for breastfeeding to work.  Most importantly though, as I helped hundreds of families meet and exceed their goals,  I learned that breastfeeding can be hard freaking work!

I have now put together a team of lactation support to better serve our community and offer a faster turn around time on visits.  All of our team members are Certified Lactation Counselors/Consultants with additional training and mentorship in house.  We have built a reputation for being the tongue tie experts in Maine. We are here to lower your anxiety and frustration and help you meet your goals fast! Serving Portland to Augusta and beyond.

There can often be questions and uncertainty.  Breasts do not come with ounce markings!  How do you know your baby has eaten well?  What if you have pain? should breastfeeding hurt?   Are pacifiers ok?  What if I need or want to supplement with formula? Pumping? Returning to work?  Ugh, can this really all work for you? There is far too much information available on the internet and much of it is conflicting.  Google is NOT a good support system!  We are Maine’s tongue tie and breastfeeding experts!

Set yourself up for breastfeeding success before baby arrives!

The best way to answer all of your questions is to get personal, professional support lined up before your baby is born.  First, we recommend you take a prenatal breastfeeding class to help you understand the basics before your baby arrives.  Next, we recommend you set up in home lactation visits, two for week one, then one visit each for weeks two and three. This is a time to check in, check latch, discuss any concerns etc.  Setting up this schedule before your baby’s birth is an ideal proactive approach.  In addition to your visits with our team, you will get unlimited phone, text and email support in between our sessions.

Need breastfeeding help immediately?

If your baby is here now, reach out as soon as you have a question. Do not wait!  BirthME understands that concerns with breastfeeding tend to be immediate.  We have options to come to you, or to work together via video conference, or phone to get you the timely help you need.  All of our packages include unlimited follow up texts to be sure you have all the support you need.  Your goals may be to exclusively breastfeed for six months, to hit that special one year mark, or to simply get through today.  No matter what you are hoping for, We can help you make it happen.  Call us today, let’s plan your success together!

Private in-home Lactation packages starting at $225.  One of our team members will come right to you, where you are, as you are.  All of our team members are fully vaccinated including COVID to keep your family safe. We will work with your own tools in your own environment to help you meet your personal goals.  A written breastfeeding plan is included and free text and email support!  Follow up is important to implementing a plan, and you may have questions.  Having answers at your finger tips is what sets BirthME apart.

In office visits.  Come to Maine Mother + Company just outside of Brunswick center and get support in our private and cozy office space.  Great parking, baby friendly location.  Packages starting at $175

**NEW**Video Conference support starting at $150  Same day, and next day appointments when available.  No shower necessary, just you, your baby, and a laptop or smart phone.  Super simple breastfeeding help and less wait time.

All packages come with three weeks phone, text and email support!  We make sure you are meeting your goals! Call or email for breastfeeding help now!




It was amazing to have a support system totally dedicated to me, especially during a long and difficult labor and delivery.Molly C. - Family Nurse Practitioner
The services that you provide are invaluable to new moms (and dads). I feel that your classes are as beneficial to my health as staying active and hydrated.Katie B.
Being a first time mom is the most elating and terrifying journey in the world. Having a guide who is educated and understanding like Paula definitely made a difference, especially during those first few weeks!Selina, Mother, Wife, and Teacher
Paula was amazing supporting me, my husband and our midwife. After our baby was born, Paula would check in at clutch times and ease our uncertainty.Sarah P. Operations Manager
Paula helped my partner to have the confidence to make informed decisions and be the best support he could be.Sarah M. Business Owner
Paula not only provided essential postpartum support, She was always available to answer questions or troubleshoot any concerns at any time.Sam W. Montessori Teacher
Paula's consistent support allowed me to breastfeed, recover, and spend time with my older child.Jenny B. SAHM
I wasn't sure how I would make it through those first few weeks with my son in the NICU. With Paula's help I was able to meet my needs and his, and eventually meet our goal of exclusively breastfeeding.Jill J. Special Education Teacher
"I'm so glad I hired a doula for my husband!"Regan S.
It's hard to imagine our journey without her knowledge and optimism reassuring us each step of the way.Chelsea M
it was clear our doula knew how to integrate seamlessly with the hospital birth team. My OB specifically mentioned how much she liked my doula during a follow up appointment.Tracy K.